Simplex Systems, Inc.

Excellence for Business (Product & Process) Innovation

Mission Statement

Helping Individuals, Organizations and Businesses
to become
The Best That They Can Be

Company Background

  • Simplex Systems, Inc. is an engineering and management consulting firm that serves its clients by enhancing their business and organizational performance.

  • We apply the principles of Lean Enterprise Integration and Process Management to help our clients develop integrated process and technological solutions for their manufacturing and business processes.

Expertise Areas

Clients come to us for advice with a broad range of issues, the most common of which include:
  • Cost Reduction and Performance Enhancement through Lean Manufacturing.
  • Integrated Support for New Business Development.

Our clients call us particularly when they are faced with tough and chronic issues that require fundamental culture change.

We are the deep culture change experts. Our Engineering and Management Consulting experience is broad and deep. Over the years we have focused on perfecting our hand-on implementation capabilities for management integration of enterprises in a variety of industries and processes such as:

  • Small Business
  • Banking & Financial
  • Customer Service
  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Continuous Flow Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Warehouse & Distribution Logistics
  • Back Office Processes