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Lean for Services

What is Lean for Services?

Service organizations have a most delicate interface with each customer. Every customer interaction is an opportunity to delight the customer and then grow by developing goodwill and a strong reputation. On the other hand a negative customer interaction could put you on a slippery slope that starts with poor customer service and low quality outcomes and accumulates over time; resulting finally in business failure.

Service is the most diverse industry segment that includes both profit and non-profit organizations. Specific industries include Customer Service and Call Centers, Healthcare, Tourism and Hospitality, Banking and Financial Services, Warehouse & Distribution Logistics, and Software/Information Technology, for example. These organizations share one common element which is that their main deliverable to the customer is a customer experience or information rather than a physical product.

Lean Service is based on the core Lean Principles, particularly Customer Focus, Value Creation, Quality at Source, Waste Elimination, Pull, and Never Ending Improvement applied to the customer service delivery process.

Why is Lean Service Essential?

Disciplined application of Lean techniques to service organizations provides a powerful tactical and strategic advantage in terms of:
  • Increased Quality Outcomes
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Increased Revenues
  • Reduced Confusion and Stress
  • Reduced Waste and Cost
  • Increased Profits
  • Accelerated Cash Flow