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Lean Office

What is Lean for Office?

Every organization, whether a manufacturer or service firm, has numerous activities such as purchasing, accounting, and HR that exist to support the core business operations rather than delivering value directly to the end customer. The work content for these back office activities is often in the 25 to 60% range and their contribution to costs are often in this range as well, but unfortunately many organizations ignore the back office in their quest to eliminate waste and increase value.

Lean Office is the specialization of the core Lean Principles, particularly Customer Focus, Value Creation, Quality at Source, Waste Elimination, Pull, and Never Ending Improvement applied to back office activities. In this mode the back office drives for perfection by measuring internal customer satisfaction and analysis of the value stream in order to eliminate all wastes.

Why is Lean Office Essential?

Disciplined application of Lean techniques to the office environment is the key to excellence in back office operations that do not necessarily have much opportunity to interface with the end customer or touch the main product.

Benefits include:
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduced Waste and Cost
  • Reduced Confustion and Stress