Simplex Systems, Inc.

Excellence for Business (Product & Process) Innovation

                    Our Services                    

Simplex Systems has been active since 1993 serving manufacturing and service organizations to become the best that they can be, from the production and customer service line to the board room. Our range of services have been refined through many years of Analysis, Design, Implementation and Coaching, internationally, in a wide range of industries.

Lean for Services & Production

We establish Lean Management Systems based on a culture of value creation and waste elimination for Lean Production, Lean Service and Lean Office. The systems all integrate the lean philosophy and the lean tools, within a context of never ending continuous improvement, as cornerstones of the daily management system.

Data Analytics Reports

We collect data from private and public sources, from processes and from customer interactions and then analyze the data to extract deep actionable knowledge.

Performance Management Dashboards

We organize the value creation and strategic customer focus of each organization into a linked set of strategic, tactical and process metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The metrics are then integrated into a visual management system to motivate and drive performance towards excellence.

Process Workflow Systems

We develop a range of custom process support tools and process automation software to form the backbone of streamlined business operations.

Business Success Coaching

We work with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to develop strategic and business plans and then provide our coaches, with extensive business experience, to guide our clients in execution of an operations management system for business success.

Process Costing, Analysis & Management

We focus on the business process as the foundational element for the enterprise. Our analysis of value creation as well as cost through the tool of Value Stream Mapping (VSM), from current state to future state, to create a mandate for change.